Sunday, September 9, 2007

This is why we can't have nice things.....

Sup sup? It's your favorite cat BUNNY MARIE WAY here in cyber space!

THis is my first post, and I am super excited. It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining, and I'm all dressed up-

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and for this, my parents shall pay!!!!

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icu and your receeding hairline daddy. hey, remember that time that some anonymouse stranger stood out under the window last week and yelled at you to buy some rogain? gee, he sure did look an awful lot like bob......

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Teach you to mess with Bunny Marie Way.......

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

lolz hay guise!!!! alas, techinquelly it was BOB who was supposed to post here next but he is VARY busi with his solo project producktion and all!!!!

now i have sum vary important news to share with u all.

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ALL MY TRU FANS AND FRIENDS WILL STICK BYE ME IN THIS MY TIME OF NEEDING..aktually the hilarious thing iz that whenevr i try to txt miss e or alicia or the rest of the wmhc they just ignore me..even J*Star stopped returning my calls omg! whaaaat could this mean???

xo ec

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hello mellow!

today was a sweet ripped so hard! alas, its not over yet becauz right now im waiting outside of the club where rays bday party is(on my kick of course..bwhwhaha)!!! for some reason there is a big hoopla over wheteher i can go in or not....hmmmm...anyway let me recap my day for you whyile i wait!!!

i got up and straghitened my hair(oh i have new sweet hair did i forget to tell you!?) and then i came on here and read what ray had rote and let me just clear one thing up...i was never in rebhab!!! whoever started that rumor DOES NOT have a sweetlife so their tyring to mess up mine....bwhahahaha anyway, then i left to go over to where i know the guys are staying(alicia told me..well actually i stole her kick for a whylie and saw that mikey had sent her a txt with the name of the place so i figured id invite myslef over!!! lol!!!). i new it was rays birthday so i bought him a copuon for a free haricut as a prezzie!!!! even though i kno hes supppper attacthed to his hair...

oh and hear is my knew hair!!!!!!

i <33333 my fans!!! xcept now when i said hi to those girls on the street they just looked the other way and were all like, "OMG I CANT BELIEVE I LET HER CUT MY HAIR SHE ISNT EVEN WITH GEE ANYMORE!!!" but who noes what that means!!!! lol!!!!

unfortunately, when i finally got inside the hotel(for some reason the conciegere said they had been asked to take immidetate acktion if i "entered the premisise"....weird!!!) and asked ray for an invite to his birthday he laughed in my face and told me to "kindly GTFO"....whtever that means!!!! so later i showed up at the party and frank came up to me and asked me "what are u doing hear? penis noses arent invited u kno..." and then he kept telling me i shouldnt be their but come on ray is my BEST FRIEND!!!! and i think frank doesnt like me anyway hes kind of....urhhhmm...jealous of my hair skills! LOL! so then he got these big men in black suits to carry me out of their....sweetlife! bwhahahaha so then i texted alicia and she told me that she would try to get me in.. but if that didnt work i desided i would be i went down the street to the costum shopp and got a DISGUSE!!!!

guess what costum i baught?

becaus i am the ace of spades like jade from ANTM!!!! i kno its the ace of diamonds but you and i both noe who the real ace of spade is..LOL!!!! so now im outside and every1 is staring at my sweet rips! im sooooo glad i thought of this idea with my brain..

HEY RAY IF YOUR READING THIS HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! LET ME INSIDE TO JOIN THA PARTYYYY MY NIGGA LOLOL!!!!! but jk about the n-word thing becaus im so NOT RACIST i have like two black could i be racist? bwhahahaaha

I RIP!!!!

xoxo ec

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sorry for the lack of updates, we've all been INSANELY busy! Bob is already at work on his solo project(in the wordz of eliza I back it HARD!!!), Frank has been cuddling with his fiancee/wife and spitting on people regularly, Alicia had to take a full TWO DAYS to brush out her crazyass braided x-tensions, Bunny is starving(BIG SURPRISE), and Gee has been buying russian mail order brides off the internet now that ecuts is gone(he always did have a thing for Natasha on ANTM....i think its because he likes sexing up his phone on occasion too). No one is sure where Eliza is tho, mainly because this rumor surfaced that after Gee dumped her, she went to REHAB like the Amy Winehouse song.

They tried to make eliza go to rehab, and she said NO NO NO!


How fucking hilarious am I? See what I did there?

As for moi, I'm just chillin here answering all the fan mail I recieve on a daily basis from 14 year old girls inquiring about my thighs of lust. Because after all, I am the SEXY ONE IN THE BAND DESPITE WHAT ALEEECHA SIMMONS-WAY TRIED TO TELL YOU IN MY FIRST POST OK
-The Torosaurous

PS-Tomorrow is my birthday so fuck yeahhh! What sucks is that now im as old as gee...BUT IM TEN TIMES SEXIER OBVS

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

good lord blogger is cawaaaaazy

hay guise! its me, alicia simmons way! i just wanted 2 give u a kwik update on my life......most importanly, me and mikeys pets!!!

this is our new lil' guy, PIGLET TREE (dont ask) WAY!

he's a mini sharpee! sooooooo preshious.....

then we have the innnnnnfamous bunny marie way!

omg did i tell u guys i remembered to feed her today! ill be honest it was kiiiind of mikeys doing. he was like watching teenage mutant ninga turtles on our fuckin' hardcore flatscreen tv and bunny came crawling into the room, gasping 4 air and he was like 'alicia babee did u buy me any tube socks like i asked u to!'

*conversatin goes as follows*

'of course babee! i luvvv u so much how could i forget! i got ur favvvvvorite from american apparel!'

'thanks babee. ur to good to me. so hows the weather out there? i wouldnt no since i havent been out of the house since the last time bob came over screaming at me to get off my lazy ass and do something...btw how RUDE was that?'

'SO rude. omg hes juss jealous that he doesn't have a luv like ours babee'

'tru tru. hay alicia the cat is looking a lil' sleepy did u feed her sum sleepy pills again?'

'noooooO! i told u that wasn't me, that was gerard! he hates bunny....u know that!'

'he doesnt hate her, hes just allergic'

'well whatever! eliza told me that she thinks that we bought all these animals to keep him from visiting becauz of his allergies. what do u say to taht?'

'what?! i can't HERE u babee!! dontatello is kicking some guys asssss!!!! whoooooooo!!!!!'


*end story*

and that's when she like came in and i was like 'holy shit babee i need to feed u!'

then she kind of growled and hissed at me, but i took that as a sign of affection. i felt so luvved!!!

we have another cat too but no one cares about her enought to post pictures. lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, July 2, 2007

I may not get the fangirls, but I do get the first post! fuck yeah!!

We all sat down one night ***via sidekick obvs**** and decided that we'd make a blog to write down our innermost thoughts at! That way we don't have to spam unsuspecting fashion blogger's posts ne more! Unless they want us to.

Ok, I have to go condition my hair now. This head of silky chestnut-brown locks from heaven doesn't maintain itself after all!

-The Torosaurous